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DHEA Dosage DHEA Dosage DHEA Dosage

DHEA Dosage

Knowing the correct DHEA dosage to take is an important factor to achieving the maximum benefit from this all important hormone. The type of DHEA you take is another factor you need to consider. There is more than just the mother of all hormones base DHEA. There is also 7 Keto DHEA which is available over the counter also. Knowing the real reason you are taking this supplement is vital to taking the correct dosage.

Your Age

Your age is another contributing factor toward finding your correct DHEA dosage. This is important since the body’s ability to product DHEA on its own declines as we age. The peak production of your DHEA is when you are at the age of 20. The decline begins at the age of 30 and by the time you reach 80 your production is only 5% of what was being produced at the age of 20. Simply translated you are only producing half the DHEA at the age of 55 that you were at 30. For this reason, a person who is 55 years old would take half of the dosage that an 80 year old person would.

DHEA Safe Dosages and Side Effects

There have been many clinical studies conducted on DHEA. Not every study used the same dosage level. This has helped to determine the correct safe dosage along with the side effects you can anticipate with the amount you decide to use. The lowest DHEA dosage level that was studied was 25 mg per day. There were no known side effects at this level in any of the case studies. This is the smallest amount you can take and in which you will still receive some of the benefits associated with taking the DHEA supplement.

There were also numerous studies in which the DHEA dosage was at 50 mg per day. There were mixed results at this dosage level. Two of the studies in particular focused on a 12 month and 10 month period respectively. For the one that covered a time period of 12 months, there were a few reports of side effects from the production of excessive androgens. In the study that lasted only 10 months there were no such reports.

In the clinical studies, where the DHEA dosage was 100, 200 and 400 mg per day, the androgen side effects (like the growth of facial hair on women and acne) began to appear in some of the study's participants. These results and effects were gradual and do not appear overnight.

If you are taking a doses of 100 mg or higher and are worried about the effect, they are reversible by reducing the dosage amount or stopping the dosage all together. If you are worried about waking up one morning with a full beard please be rest assured - there is a zero percent chance that will happen!

The highest DHEA dosage level tested by any of the clinical studies was 2250 mg per day. The longest period of any study was 24 months. Not all of the studies were conducted under the same conditions or with the same participants. Men, women and even children have been used in the compilation of the test results from the taking of a DHEA supplement.

No matter what DHEA dosage you decide to use, it is recommended that you visit your physician for a hormone level check and consultation. This will give you the best possible chance to take the correct dosage for your age and the needs of your body.